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All Huber letterboxes fulfil the minimum dimensions and standards required by Swiss Post. Detailed information on the Swiss postal standard can be found under Download - postal standard.

In addition to the 10 standard colors (in stock), our aluminum letterboxes (Alu 300 and Alu 400) are also available in all other colors from the RAL, IGP and NCS color palettes. We also offer our steel letterboxes in various colors, depending on the model. Use the configurator to put together your desired letterbox.

Yes, the regulations depend on the type of building. The Swiss postal standards state that the letterbox/letterbox system in the case of a detached house, must be located on a street at the boundary of the property at the entrance to the house. In the case of an apartment building or a commercial building, it must be installed at the entrance to the house, but must not be located behind a locked door. A well-lit location near the sunnerie is recommended. In the event of any uncertainties or to clarify a specific location, we recommend that you contact your local post office and obtain written confirmation if necessary.

Huber letterboxes are equipped with one type of lock cylinder and 2 keys as standard. All models can also be combined with all common lock cylinder types. Of course, state-of-the-art electronic badge or key openers can also be installed on request.

Yes, we can install individual letterboxes or entire systems on site on request. We will be happy to inform you about the delivery and installation costs. If you are interested, please contact us on 061 785 90 90.

No. All our letterboxes are made of rustproof materials such as chrome steel or aluminum.

With the screws supplied free of charge on request, you can mount your new letterbox on an existing support. If you don't already have one or would like a new one, we offer a wide range of suitable support variants for all our models.

We grant a warranty period of 5 years on steel letterboxes and the “Davos” models and 10 years on all other aluminum letterboxes. We grant a 2-year guarantee on our accessories.

Our products are insured by the carrier against damage in transit. If your goods are damaged during transportation, please inform the respective carrier (post office or transport company) immediately. We cannot be held liable for any damage after delivery of the goods.

We offer a wide range of different letterboxes made of chrome steel and aluminum. Our popular aluminum letterboxes in particular can be combined in a variety of colors and looks. You can find more information under “Letterbox systems”. In the configurator, you can put together your desired letterbox yourself and view the price directly.

Our letterboxes are powder-coated. The paint is sprayed evenly onto the untreated letterbox in powder form and then baked in a special oven at 180-200°C. In addition to coating, your products can also be manufactured in a special anodizing process or as Linox (chrome steel look) on request.

Our transport partner will deliver your ordered goods to your home or construction site. Individual letterboxes are sent by post to your desired address. Of course, you can also collect your letterbox from our factory.

Yes, the SmartBox is ideally connected to the LAN cable of the house. If you require a different solution, please contact us.

Yes, the SmartBox is powered by electricity and requires a power connection.

The SmartBox is an intelligent parcel locker system that simplifies the sending and receiving of parcels. Your deliveries are stored securely in the system and can be collected at any time.

The courier service delivers your parcel directly to the SmartBox. As soon as the delivery has been deposited, you will receive a notification. You can use the allocated collection or QR code to open the box and collect your parcel.

The SmartBox is a development of Huber AG Briefkastenanlagen and is produced at our company site in Büsserach (Switzerland).